eGo/T2 2.4ml CC CE4 Clearomizer - Coil Replacements
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Spare Coil Replacement for eGo/T2 2.4ml CC CE4 Clearomizer

Changeable CE4/CE2 style coil.
Replace coil instead of whole unit. Coil Changeable!

Available in 1.5, 1.8, 2.2 or 2.5ohm
Short or Long wicks (Long wicks are approx. 1/2in long)

Unscrew coil (when empty) to change the CE2.

Includes one (1) spare coil, the more your order, the more you save!
Compatible with eGo OR T2 2.4ml CC CE4 Clearomizer ONLY!

Perfect for eGo, 3.7v mods and VV mods.

*This unit has an eGo thread, which is the eGo outer cone/cover threading
*If you are not using on an eGo type battery, you might need a 510-to-eGo PV adapter.

Price is for one unit!
Please choose your ohm below

No warranty on CE4/CE2!

Please check out our other CE2 Clearomizers and tanks!!!!

  • Item #: 2.4mlspareCoil
  • Manufacturer: Kanger

eGo/T2 2.4ml CC CE4 Clearomizer - Coil Replacements

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